In the age of automatism, replicas and large numbers, there is a place where industry machines meet the philosophy of the artisans, a place where the series do not exist and everything is an exception. Handmade shoes are artworks to wear that in Tecnomodel we create thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans and to the most advanced production technologies. Tradition and innovation, a winning combination to create footwear of absolute excellence.


The first steps to realize footwear are research and design: catch the latest trends, anticipate the future ones, analyze the tastes, habits and customs not only in the reference market, but also in other sectors, such as design, fashion and lifestyle. All this becomes inspiration. The designer elaborates his own proposals, transferring his insights on paper. From idea to design, creativity slowly takes shape.

Due mani di donna disegnano la sagoma di una scarpa con una matita su un foglio sopra un tavolo pieno di schizzi


From the designer to the modeler, project goes on the mold that is perfectly dressed. On this mold the upper template is created: the design is sketched, the paper patterns are made and finally the skins and the linings are cut. This is a very delicate operation that only expert cutters can perform with due care and precision in selecting the most valuable piece of leather and to maximize its peculiarities. During this process, manual or digital, the contribution and supervision of our experts is extremely important to ensure maximum care and meticulous attention to the smallest details.

Vista dall'alto di taglio a mano di un lembo di pelle sopra un tavolo


At this point all the cut parts that constitute the upper and its lining, together with the reinforcements and supports, i.e the sole, the tip, the heel buttress, are assembled and sewn through an operation called hemming. The upper is then assembled to the insole and to the sole. Thus the structure of a shoe, his skeleton, is born. The assembly is a complex operation in which the shoe is worked not only with the help of machinery but also with the use of ancient tools, the timeless “tools of the trade”.

Forma di una scarpa sopra la scrivania e operaio che applica la tomaia sopra una forma


After all these steps, there is the finishing. The footwear is subjected to various treatments such as brushing and coloring through creams or natural waxes to restore the original softness and gloss to the leather. These operations are carried out following traditional methods, thanks to the manual ability of our shoemakers. At this point the prototype is ready, the first of a future production series, from which the samples and then the whole collection are created. In the industrialization phase, every single pair is worked as if it was a unique and unrepeatable piece with the crafty passion and manual skill that has always distinguished us.

Stivaletto scamosciato su un macchinario